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S. 754 / H.R. 2029

Privacy and Control: CISA

CISA was reintroduced and passed -- secretly buried in a 2000 page budget bill.

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Shout Out

Momentum Begins With Me

by Loyal 9 staff

Burris capital hill

The Poster quotes Matthew 23:27: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. (Poster by permission of Calvin Burris, http://burrisc.wordpress.com/)

This article has no new rants, exposés, or issues -- just a few follow ups and misc. items.

First, thanks to those who continue to spread the word. In addition to social media shout outs, people are obviously TALKING about Loyal9 and its cause. In just one day last week, new readers in six different states tapped into the site by typing Loyal9.org directly into the address bar. That is the sign of good ol’ word of mouth. As we all know, the only way to turn back the tide of tyranny will be all of us together.

Thanks to those who have jumped in to support the site with the $3 subscription. Our spouses say thanks, as well, as they dream of the day when the site supports itself.

Thanks to what you are doing as individuals to push forward this work: Nick in Florida for catching a vital issue that slipped through the cracks; Cheri in Utah for catching the typos before the rest of the world notices, and for her calls for "More from Solzhenitsyn. We can never get too much Solzhenitsyn"; Spencer and Craig in California for introducing the cause to other patriotic organizations; for Olivia in Utah for introducing us to people with media connections; to Cal in Colorado for sharing his art (another one featured today); to Josh P. for sharing your web usability expertise to dial in the site to even higher levels. We also want to brag on ourselves here, and the stable, secure site that the programming team built. The site has not been down even once in over two months. Have you ever seen another site that can make that claim? These are just a few examples of the contributions of the Loyal 9 community. We are so grateful.

Most of all, thanks for sending your letters to our elected reps demanding they again represent us! That is what this is about.
For too long, too many of us HOPED things would get better, or we didn’t know what to do, or we just didn’t do it. We see the results of our previous apathy in enabling our senators and reps,who on a monthly basis violate their oath to uphold the constitution. And remember, per our senate staff insiders, each letter is counted in a senator’s mind as representing a thousand voters. That is the leverage of our combined voices.

IF YOU HAVEN'T contacted your representatives on these issues, please do. We call on you to join us. Surely you have five minutes. Surely there is nothing more important (along the same level as the immediate health and welfare of our families) than stopping this destruction of our liberties and the future that awaits our family. At about a minute a letter, how does one not have the time to halt these heinous, blatant, outrageous, arrogant, country-killing actions against our liberty?

Click on the links on the left of this page for each of the following issues to send your letters now. The three most imminent are listed here.

FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION ACT -- The government seeks to undercut the vital protection of the Bill of Rights' 1st Amendment and its guarantee of the Freedom of the Press.

UN GUN TREATY -- They say, "Oh, now this doesn't take your guns. It only tracks and takes 'illegal' guns but doesn't say what that means, and who will define in the future. UN+Gun Control=Better Stop it Before it Starts.

AUDIT THE FED -- While our politicians are monkeying around with pretend spending caps and other distractions on our budget, the REAL issue is that the constitution gives only Congress power to coin money, but the private Federal Reserve Banks is creating more money out of thin air, enriching its member banks at grave risk to the nation and to savers.

Please join together with us to stand up for right. Take the moment to send your letters. Please spread the word. For you social-networkers, use the new ability to share the Action Essay through social media. Share us on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Loyal-9/113895852136317. Follow us on Twitter @loyal9org as we prepare for its expanded use.

Thanks, ya'll.


14 Oct 2013
at 10:48PM

Hey, Josh, couple more people who really ought to be on the thank you list. Parker for writing the article on putting our names out there like the signers of the Declaration. Parker, Lexi, Kelsey, Canon, Romm Jr, and any others we don't know about, for showing that high school and college kids care about this issues and even lead the way. Matt for giving our essay an audience in Hunting Illustrated.

Facts are stubborn things, and can't be erased or banished from polite discussion on account of political correctness or, at least, not for very long.

- Ronald Reagan

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The United States of Dysfunction, by Carl Jarvis

The hour is grave because of what we have forgotten.

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And now there are two (er, three?). Did it matter which? After watching the debates, it seems being AGAINST Liberty is now a campaign technique. And the winners are . . . (not the Bill of Rights).

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The UN to Implement Universal Biometric Identification

Target date is 2030

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Be Afraid: The FCC Internet Grab -- In the Insiders' Own Words

Take a failed issue. Give it a righteous new name. Get people begging for government salvation. Ram the details through in secrecy. Paranoid indeed.

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Lobbying for Tyrants

A must read: on the surface it is about the people who work behind the scenes for Trump. More deeply, it is an expose on the way the world really works. How are we brought to believe what we believe?

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Press Took Marching Orders from Clinton While SecState

FIA acquired emails document favorable treatment for favorable treatment

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The Money Monopoly

How do banks keep fees high and rates they pay low despite "Competition"? They're all owned by the same people.

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Washington Post: "Massive Decline in Gun Violence"

L9 Member Highlight

Haven't we been pre-warned about sacrificing freedoms in exchange for security? We must understand that the freedom is inherently ours and not given to us by any man or form of government.

- Brian, MO