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Current Actions

S. 754 / H.R. 2029

Privacy and Control: CISA

CISA was reintroduced and passed -- secretly buried in a 2000 page budget bill.

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State-of-the-Cause Report

After three months in, we thought many Loyal 9ers would be interested to know where we are in our progress, so here is the Loyal 9 Almanac.

by Loyal 9 staff

Union station flag

This info is far from complete since Loyal 9 (proudly) does not collect personal info. But just of those that staff knows personally or from what has been told to us by members contacting us, we know that this is already becoming the diverse and passionate gathering we knew it could be.

Age range: 16-80’s

Socioeconomic: teachers, students, construction, special forces military, fashion house exec, moms, dads, singles, grandmas, grandpas, lawyers, bloggers, accountants, laborers, sales, technology, entrepreneurs.

Political leaning:

The one way we all come together is our common love of country and a concern that our constitution is being betrayed. Other than that, there seems to be a diversity of philosophies gathering together in this common, most-important fight. Much like the diversity of Loyal 9’s founding staff, member philosophies represented include TeaParty-style conservatives and Ron Paul-loving libertarians, but then also independents and centrists, nearly-given-up cynics, gentler-government progressives, Occupy-style protestors, and people who voted for President Obama at least once hoping for change. We all agree, though, that the Bill of Rights must be the standard and that if we don’t step up together it will be too late, and none of the other, individual policies and debates will matter.

Membership numbers:

North of one hundred but less than one thousand.

We say it that way because a few of the L9 staffers originally would have been happy with just a hundred members joined in the cause after three months -- enough to confirm that people GET it and to have a foundation established. So these staffers are super pleased with the start out of the gate. The other two other staffers hoped to be at a thousand – well on our way to save the world in a day. These two staffers are still pleased with the momentum but, in light of some recent legislative votes, just hope the world is still around to save.

States with largest membership:

A western base has formed and is moving outward: Utah, California, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, in that order. Southeastern momentum is led by Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia. The state that most surprised us with its quick burst of members was Hawaii because that showed in just days that the organization was quickly moving beyond our direct sphere. Other states represented: Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Delaware, New York, Oregon, Washington.

Next website feature on staff to-do list:

Interactive Archive to show YOUR senators’ and representative’s votes on each of the Loyal 9 issues so each legislator’s ACTION is clear.

Media Coverage:

So far Loyal 9 has been featured in national magazine “Hunting Illustrated,” in local newspaper coverage in multiple papers, and on FoxNews regional radio.

Any connections you have to talk shows, bloggers, newspapers, or speaking opportunities that could bring attention to Loyal 9 would be great.

Most Effective Spreading the Word: word of mouth.

Your spreading the word to people who trust and respect you has, hands down, proven the most powerful tool we have had in building this cause.

Thanks, Loyal 9. Let's push on.

Sincerely, the L9 Staff.


I will raise my voice as long as God gives me sound or ability, against this Communistic idea that the Government will take care of us all, and everything belongs to the government. It is wrong!

- David O. McKay

Recent Commentaries

The United States of Dysfunction, by Carl Jarvis

The hour is grave because of what we have forgotten.

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And now there are two (er, three?). Did it matter which? After watching the debates, it seems being AGAINST Liberty is now a campaign technique. And the winners are . . . (not the Bill of Rights).

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The UN to Implement Universal Biometric Identification

Target date is 2030

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Be Afraid: The FCC Internet Grab -- In the Insiders' Own Words

Take a failed issue. Give it a righteous new name. Get people begging for government salvation. Ram the details through in secrecy. Paranoid indeed.

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Trump const background cc

Lobbying for Tyrants

A must read: on the surface it is about the people who work behind the scenes for Trump. More deeply, it is an expose on the way the world really works. How are we brought to believe what we believe?

Clinton cc

Press Took Marching Orders from Clinton While SecState

FIA acquired emails document favorable treatment for favorable treatment

Money cc

The Money Monopoly

How do banks keep fees high and rates they pay low despite "Competition"? They're all owned by the same people.

2nd amend statue

Washington Post: "Massive Decline in Gun Violence"

L9 Member Highlight

Most important from that [David O. McKay] quote: Your question must always be: "Not what does a law give me, but what does it take away from me?"

- Mark, CA