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S. 754 / H.R. 2029

Privacy and Control: CISA

CISA was reintroduced and passed -- secretly buried in a 2000 page budget bill.

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The Tide is Turning

Grassroots works. These recent examples inspire us to take heart as we return the Constitution as the standard of our country.

by Loyal 9 staff

Ihaveadream cc

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I received an email from a gentleman the other day that said Loyal 9 wouldn’t work in saving the country. Nothing would. It was too late.

I have had flashes of feeling this way. I especially felt it the week the "Guardian" began releasing its series of revelations documenting government spying on all citizens.

This was the same week Bradley Manning's exposure of Department of Defense cover ups were finding light in court: illegal dealings with other countries, cover ups of debauched and vicious actions of the worst of our soldiers, bombers called in to destroy the evidence. That day’s Newswire also documented that tax payer’s money was used to fund million dollar parties, Secret Service's sex, and another Matt Taibbi expose on the inbred corruption between the banks and their agency. It was about the same time a boy that may have had information on the Boston Marathon bombing was shot in an interrogation room.

Nevertheless, the gentleman's email I cited above is wrong in his cynicism. I was wrong in my bout of despair. It is not too late. The fight is not lost. This is a pivotal time, a turning tide.

President Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once enraged some as he pushed to turn a social tragedy into another government expanding policy with the statement, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste,” Well, the nation is in crisis. And the government overreach has been the bell waking people up from their sleepiness to the danger we are in.

Ladies and gentleman, standing up and fighting back works. We must remember that. Here is some recent evidence.

A – Two years ago, legislators tried to pass SOPA. This bill would have allowed any website to be shut down by a mere complaint of plagiarism. Under this law, the shutdown would be automatic and remain in place pending an eventual investigation -- violating due process, empowering malicious complainants, and potentially arming the government with an internet kill switch. Outrage over this bill caught fire. Tens of thousands wrote their congress, and internet companies staged electronic versions of sit ins. Congress buckled, and almost certain passage turned into an abandoned bill. This is the model for Loyal 9.

B – About the same time period, at the state level in Utah, the state legislators (most who are quick to market themselves as Constitution-loving conservatives) introduced and passed a bill they claimed enhanced government transparency – except it actually added to the list of legislative communications that would NO longer be part of the public record. And, it significantly raised the fees to access public records. The legislature completed this non-transparent process for "transparency" in little more than twenty-four hours while trying to keep it out of the public eye. The public howled. The legislators defended themselves, “See, we knew you wouldn’t understand and would believe the rumors you heard, so that is WHY we had to do it this way.” Then they tucked tail between legs under pressure and returned from their vacations to the capital to rescind the bill!

C – Also on the state level, in the last couple of months, states have stood up to the federal government’s spying. Texas legislators passed a bill explicitly forbidding electronic spying on citizens in its state.

D – Maine legislators passed a bill to forbid using cell phones as tracking devices without warrant.

E – Wisconsin, Maine, Texas, as well as several cities, have banned or are considering banning drone surveillance without probable cause warrants. Some have completely banned drones in their airspace.

F – Momentum is building against red light cameras and their violation of due-process. New Mexico, Ohio, and several many cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Luis Obispo have removed theirs.

G – 475 Sheriffs and 18 state Sheriffs’ Associations have pledged to not enforce unconstitutional gun control legislation (http://cspoa.org/sheriffs-gun-rights/)

H – In light of the recent irrefutable evidence of spying on citizens, the ACLU has filed suit to halt Patriot Act surveillance programs and has sought to access the FISA court documents previously locked away from oversight.

I – Regional internet provider Xmission.com has refused to comply with all but one government agency request for information in its fifteen year existence. As featured in "The Guardian," the story has now been picked up by many other news outlets. Xmission CEO Pete Ashdown calls on others to put principles over pocketbook and refuse to provide materials and services to NSA Data Centers.

J – Recognizing that the government that most directly affects our lives is that government close to home, Bill Way has established a city government tracking site in St George, UT. For the upcoming city elections, the website provides a forum for candidates to explain their positions in more depth than their roadside signs and Candidates Night provide. Comment sections allow locals to vouch for the candidate or call them out where words don’t match actions. http://wwwjr.wordpress.com/

Yes, this fight will work. We know because it is working. We know because it must work.


14 Jul 2013
at 03:01PM

I know sometimes we get lost in our day to day and forget we need to be aware of what those in Washington are doing. Thank you for helping us stay apprised of the day to day that we may not know about. I recall a conversation we had early on with this idea and remember thinking about the need for this type of monitoring. Thank you for suceeding where I really didn't believe it could be done. I am so proud of this site and hope more people will see the need and keep this site going.

14 Jul 2013
at 08:16PM

Im encouraged with what you guys at loyal9 are doing! All that we can do is fight tooth and nail for a restoration of our republic and constitutional law. Together we can have our voices make a difference for good in the future of this promise land!! God blessus in this all important fight.

19 Jul 2013
at 10:24PM

Loyal 9, keep up the good work. I echo Spencer and Bertha. Please continue to keep us tuned in! I come from a humble background. I have no social status, political rank, or special privileges. By the sweat of my brow, we barely scrape by. Just enough to keep my wife and child fed and a humble roof over our heads. With that said, the knowledge I have, and can gain, is worth more to me than any riches, it is empowering! The adversary does not want us to know what's going on. In my opinion, knowledge is our biggest weapon in this fight. We need to connect with each other, spread the word and band together. The more of us that learn of our awful state, the more of us that will join the tide that is turning. Thank you for providing a way to keep us all informed. As they say, the most resilient have got to pass through the furnace. Keep the chins up, the fight is not in vain!

21 Jul 2013
at 08:24PM

This country is worth fighting for. We have to never stop the fight. I'm behind you guys all the way. Win or loose, it doesn't matter. It is the fight the counts and some people will never get that. Keep doing what you're doing!!!

Edward James
06 Aug 2013
at 06:22PM

I think that I might be the "gentleman" (I haven't been called that lately) referred to in the first paragraph above. I really admire you all and others like you who believe so much in the hopes and dreams of our forefathers. I'm sure that if any of them were alive today they would fall into a state of total disbelief and sorrow as to the way things are turning out and as to the ineffectual way we are trying to handle them. I must hasten to tell you that I see no effort on the part of anyone to address the REAL PROBLEM that faces mankind. Notice that I said, "mankind" and not the U.S. When the human population explosion reaches a saturated 10,000+ there will not be enough food for everyone, total chaos will prevail and nothing else will matter. The No.1 effort on the part of everyone should be to do something to curb population growth and return it to a sustainable number (at least less than it is right now). I see no evidence of that happening and until it is successfully addressed, I see no hope for anything else happening for the good either. Am I preaching to deaf ears?

Everybody knows that corruption thrives in secret places, and avoids public places, and we believe it a fair presumption that secrecy means impropriety.

- Woodrow Wilson

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