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Current Actions

S. 754 / H.R. 2029

Privacy and Control: CISA

CISA was reintroduced and passed -- secretly buried in a 2000 page budget bill.

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Desperate Times Call For a Collective Effort

This has been a tough year for the constitution. It has been ignored, violated, trampled. Together, we can put an end to this by encouraging our elected officials to sustain and uphold the rights that our country was founded upon.

by Loyal 9 staff

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They're all in this together


In 1765, nine men met together in a Boston tavern, gathering to voice their concern of growing encroachments by their government.

These were not big names or the powerful. This group, the original Loyal Nine, included a distiller, a printer, a brass worker, a ship captain. What these people realized is that preserving their liberty took more than complaining around the bar; it took action.

At that time, this stepping forth was a risk to themselves, their livelihoods, even their families. It seems, though, that the risk of not acting must have been even greater. Within a year, their agitations and efforts began to spread, and The Loyal Nine flourished and spread, taking on its new name, famous in history, The Sons of Liberty.

Eleven years later, 1776, the fruits of their labor changed the world, as the Declaration of Independence was published. Another fifteen years later, all of the protections that the Loyal Nine and so many others fought for were set, as if in stone, when the last state ratified the Bill of Rights. Through the next two hundred years, through fits and starts and experiments, the United States grew and refined with these great documents as the standard.

Now, however, it seems these rights and freedoms are under attack again. And this time it seems to be by our own elected representatives:

In December 2011, bi-partisan congress violated their constitutionally-mandated responsibility by giving the President the power to declare war without their input. This power, coveted by every tyrant through history, was buried in one paragraph in a thousand page bill and survived, by a landslide, an amendment to remove it.

In March 2012, the attorney general of the United States defends new laws allowing the holding of US citizens without due process by saying “there are other types of due process than ‘judicial process.’” We believe that the pre-revolutionary British government would agree.

Also in March, buried in the distraction of March Madness Basketball at 6pm on a Friday evening, the president released an executive order pre-declaring martial law upon the mere stroke of a future pen.

If you too are disgusted that bills in the last year have limited right to assemble, have made it legal to spy on ALL email, track every new vehicle, limit certain international travel, and even imprison our own citizens without due process, it is time to stand up. Please join us in fighting back.

The list is scary. And it continues below—for way too long. We are afraid we’re near the point of no return.

Maybe you are like we were, not knowing what to do. Maybe you just never got around to taking the time to write the letter or spread the word. Maybe, like most, you didn't even know about most of these government actions.

Maybe you thought, "Law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about," but were then shocked awake by seeing passive protestors maced and clubbed, or seeing citizens arrested for videotaping the actions of out-of-line officers.

James Madison predicted, "If our nation is ever taken over, it will be taken over from within." We are afraid, based on the list, that this statement is becoming prophetic.

It is easy to lose faith and think one can't make a difference alone. Well, together we can. Loyal 9 is a collective and protective force we are unleashing, inspired by our heroes of old. What is the power of 9000, or 90,000, or 9 million?

"Oh, they DO listen when enough people talk," says our insider consultant, who's been a staff member for two different senators. " I think you are harnessing a force that can trump lobbies and money. You are creating a whole new media of democracy"

This web site has two levels. One, check with us often for free — there in the right column — for our clearing house of commentary and news.

Or for a three dollar monthly subscription, enlist staff researchers and writers in three steps to track these issues: 1) We notify you when each constitutional assault is pending. 2) We even write your letter for you, if you wish, so you can rise to action in seconds instead of "maybe later." 3) Then we report back how your rep voted and provide the follow up letter. In this way, each of our representatives is just that, OUR representative, knowing that you, me, our friends, and the combined voice and force of Loyal 9 members see the politicians' true colors and hold their feet to the fire.

That's why the Loyal 9 was created, and named after the original Loyal Nine — as a community of those who love our country and think it IS exceptional because of documents forged in the fires of sacrifice, establishing boundaries to bind the powerful and protect all.

We hope you will join us.

Loyal 9


Here is our list of the most constitution-gutting activities by our government over the eighteen months -- many of which were slipped through unnoticed.

1) Bi-partisan legislators, contrary to the constitution, handed the right to declare war to the executive branch in any situation "affiliated with terrorism." (HR 1540)

2) A bill is passed 388-3 outlawing protests within the vicinity of any building or person guarded by secret service. But that "vicinity" and the occasions where free speech doesn't apply are not defined. (HR 347)

3) The president issued an executive order declaring the right to nationalize industry, patents, and personnel at any time as long as it is "in writing." (Mar 16, 2012)

4) Our attorney general, Eric Holder, (who we thought was the top enforcer of the law and defender of the constitution) said, "'Due process' and 'judicial process' are not one and the same... The Constitution guarantees due process, not judicial process." (Mar 5, 2012)

5) House and senate created a "super committee," putting decisions in the hands of twelve people and mandating that if no consensus is reached, then certain defaults become automatic law.

6) The secretary of defense Leon Panetta tells a congressional committee that military engagement requires permission from the international community but that the defense department can decide whether or not to consult with congress (Mar 7, 2012).

7) Bi-partisan legislation supports right to detain without representation. (HR 1540)

8) Several legislators are exploiting high profile social tragedies to push gun control.

9) The department of justice signs off on bank fraud cases with hundred million dollar penalties, which seems like a lot of money until remembering that the frauds were of billions of dollars and that these settlements then protect the guilty from future civil or criminal suits from the victimized cities, retirement funds, or private citizens.

10) In the meantime, politicians and would-be politicians of both parties collect the largest portions of their campaign funds from the same banking (as well as drug and military) companies being protected.

11) SOPA and PIPA are nearly rushed through to enable the government to shut down websites without due process under the guise of protecting intellectual property.

12) Their replacement, CISPA, passed the house, greasing the information sharing between the government and service providers.

13) The NSA prepares to open its massive data collecting and sorting center collecting almost all wired and wireless transmissions with cooperation from cell services and isp's.

14) The senate just passed a bill, MAP-21, that allows the IRS to restrict travel of those owing taxes. (S 1813)

15) MAP-21 also mandates that all vehicles include "event recorders" tracking everything from gps location to the rate of acceleration.

16) Senate slips previously failed paragraph in must-pass budget bill bill that overrides courts, saying planters cannot be stopped by the courts from planting GMO seeds even during testing for health or environmental effects. This paragraph comes to be referred to as the Monsanto Protection Act after it appears after a 3 million dollar lobbying spree in one quarter, but the senators' sell it to us as "Farmers Assurance."

Please join us in turning back the tide.


On the Federal Reserve: "You mean the Bank of Satan"

- radio host Kate Dalley

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L9 Member Highlight

To those who think the UN Treaty could never override laws in the US: "When talking about how sometimes international law trumps even state law, one example is that an additive to gasoline was seeping into California's water supply contaminating it but California could not pass laws to remove the additive due to some by-law in NAFTA."

- KJ, Washington DC