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About Us

In 1765, nine men met together in a Boston tavern, gathering to voice their concern of growing encroachments by their government.

These were not big names or the powerful. This group, the original Loyal Nine, was made up of craftsmen and workers, including a distiller, a printer, a brass worker, a ship captain. What these people realized is that preserving their liberty took more than complaining around the bar; it took action.

At that time, this stepping forth was a risk to themselves, their livelihoods, even their families. It seems, though, that the risk of not acting must have been even greater. Within a year, their agitations and efforts began to spread, and The Loyal Nine flourished and spread, taking on its new name, famous in history, The Sons of Liberty, working alongside John and Quincy Adams and other founding voices of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Eleven years later, 1776, the fruits of their labor changed the world, as the Declaration of Independence was published. Another fifteen years later, all of the protections that the Loyal Nine and so many others fought for were set, as if in stone, when the last state ratified the Bill of Rights. Through the next two hundred years, through fits and starts and experiments, the United States grew and refined with these great documents as the standard.

Now, however, it seems these rights and freedoms are under attack again. And this time it seems to be by our own elected representatives.

Loyal 9 is a community growing to stop the destruction of our country, combining the power of its individuals into a force that cannot be ignored in defending the constitution of the United States.

Albert Einstein declared, "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." Stand together now to demand that our representatives represent us according to the standard of freedom and government checks we were given by forebearers who risked their own lives, security, and reputations so we could enjoy the same.

The historical Loyal Nine led the fight that led to the Constitution. Together, all of us, we will save it as a force so great it trumps lobbies, money, favoritism.

Meet the Staff

Loyal 9 was founded by two sets of brothers and a couple of friends ranging from Hollywood to the Midwest to the Eastern Seaboard, and from progressive leaning to Tea Party conservative to just plain cynical of it all. All do agree on two things:

One, that elected officials seem increasingly willing to ignore, undermine, and just plain stomp on the constitution as the standard -- undercutting the rule of law, checks and balances, individual liberties, state rights, and national sovereignty.

The second area of agreement: getting angry or frustrated and planning to take a stand is easy, but actually following up often disappears at the bottom of life’s to-do list.

That is where the organization Loyal 9 comes in, making action easy and our force powerful as we work together to combine our voices.