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New Organization Seeks to Save the Constitution

“This country needs a Paul Revere right now. One to tell us we are threatened from within,” says Josh Jackson, who hopes that his new organization, Loyal9.org, will fulfill that role.

“Revere and his fellow riders had a signal for the Sons of Liberty, one if by land, two if by sea.” Jackson believes these liberties are under attack again, this time from within. “This time the bad guys are sometimes our own senators and representatives, those we had entrusted to protect and build our country, not destroy it.”

Jackson, a high school teacher, offers as evidence what is officially called HR 1540, but what many are calling the “Forever War” bill. “This bill passed 322-96 -- both democrats and republicans – and it is congress handing over control of all future wars and ‘wars on terrorism’ complete and unchecked to the executive branch, however they define a threat and whenever they choose. This is in direct violation of their constitution’s mandates for checks and balances. Yet this barely makes the mainstream news networks.”

Thus, Loyal9.org was born. “We wanted a solution, not just complaints,” says his brother and partner in the project, Luke Jackson, a screenwriter. “We want to shine a light over these constitutional violations of freedom of speech, assembly, ownership, liberty. We believe it is a fight we can still win, but we need everybody’s help, everyone who cares.”

At Loyal9.org, the English and debate teacher hopes to practice what he preaches in rallying people with clear writing and thinking. “I think anyone who visits the site will find a very simple but powerful concept in motion, just three steps.” First, the Loyal 9 researchers comb the legislation for bills and buried language undermining the constitution. Next, members choose from among pre-composed notes or write their own and are provided direct links to send messages in just seconds.

The third and final step is they report back. How did the elected officials really vote? “Forget their fancy fliers and political name calling. Who voted to expand domestic spying? Who voted to allow the government the right to take all lands with waters on them? How do they vote on gun rights, land rights, personal privacy, turning over US sovereignty to international authority, climate bills, tax bills? We believe the legislators still must answer to the voters.”

“Knowledge plus action,” says Josh, “in seconds, instead of that feeling I think most of us get that maybe we should do something but don’t know what, or don’t have the time, or are afraid our lone voice makes no difference.”

The name Loyal 9 was chosen in memory of a pre-Revolution group called The Loyal Nine, an early version of the Sons of Liberty, which worked alongside John and Quincy Adams and other founding voices of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

“I believe in the cause,” says Luke, “and I am excited by this solution. We have seen that the combined voices of the people still hold weight. The founding fathers warned us that if our country would fall, this is how it would happen. Abraham Lincoln once said, ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.’”

“We hope people quickly get the vision and spread the word to their friends so we as a people can hold the politicians’ feet to the fire, trumping the corrupting power of money and selfish interest. We are thinking big. Can we get 50,000 in fifty days? What is the power of a million?” Mr Jackson plans to find out.