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Frequently Asked Questions

I value my privacy and security. How do I know my information is safe?

We do too. That is why we promise to never sell, share or trade your name and info.

As far as your credit card info is concerned, we don't store it here at Loyal 9, instead we send it directly to our certified processor.

How do I unsubcribe if I so choose?

Easy. Click on the prominently featured "Cancel Subscription" link on your My Account page, and that takes care of that. In fact, you can click right here. The credit card company is notified to collect no further charges from that time on, and you continue to receive your advanced access until your current month is ended.

Why 3 dollars?

Our goal is for this service to be affordable for everyone while maintaining the staff providing thousands of hours of researching, writing, programming, etc, that goes into this project.

How can I donate to the cause?

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support. Loyal 9, however, does not accept any money beyond the minimal subscription support. Although the work is vital, we believe it must operate without the potential for influence and the baggage that could come from concentrated amounts of money from any source. Similarly, we want to avoid the advertising model which could dilute or compromise our message and which allows companies to place dozens of cookies on your computer.

We, of course, welcome any help that comes from your fervently spreading the word, whether through email, web links, facilitating press releases, or spreading fliers to friends and like-minded organizations. Click here for our spread the word resources.

Do form letters work?

Yes. together, we assert the real power of democracy with 10 thousand, 20 thousand, a hundred thousand voices letting our representatives know we are keeping track and voting accordingly. You may have seen elsewhere on the Loyal 9 site the writing of our Senate Staff insider. He confirms the power of our format, affirming that similarly-worded letters still have the same power individually, that the individual content takes a backseat to the tally mark a Representative’s staff records as each letter comes in.

As former senators have divulged, every single day from election to election is built around re-election. As a community, our voices and power must trump money and lobbies as the force to be answered to in the governance of our country by the Constitution. The Loyal 9 community is about taking back democracy.

What if I don’t agree with Loyal 9’s take on one of the issues?

That’s the beauty of democracy and one reason we designed our pre-written letters to be customizable. Throw the whole thing out, if you wish, start over, and completely contradict our staff-penned letter when that is your belief. That will take a bit longer than our promised “action-in-seconds,” but enabling the democratic voice is what this is all about.

How often will issues be brought to my attention?

The short, sad answer is: too often.

Most of the time we expect that one constitutional encroachment at a time will demand our fight. As we have closely monitored the government in preparation for our launch, the most disturbing week saw three troubling actions slipped through unnoticed by much of the public, including the truly astounding March Madness weekend’s Martial Law Executive Order.

Does Loyal 9 address state-level issues?

Many vital and disturbing actions take place on the state and city levels (such as Utah trying to ram through a law exempting legislator’s text messages from open disclosure; or, NC, CA, and NY presenting bills to provide child vaccinations without parental consent; and, communities outlawing the filming of police). Especially grievous state actions may be addressed occasionally in our front page essays, and, if need arises, we may facilitate discussion and cooperation among citizens of each state.